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  1. PeteZaHut

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    How far can you shoot a slug and have it still be accurate? Is there any difference for a 12 guage, 10 or, .410?
  2. LeoGripster

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    I can only attest to a 12 gauge slug. Prior to a rifle purchase, I planned on using my shotgun slugs as a substitute. Understanding the limits of a shotgun used as a rifle, I wanted to test just how far I could shoot the slug with accuracy. I found that even at 75 yards it is possible to hit your target sufficiently for hunting, but that requires some serious kentucy windage. It seems the weight and speed of the slug tend to drop it fast.

    I'd like to try it out for a day at 100 yards, but haven't found a outdoor range close by with a 100 yard stall.

  3. wmille01

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    I have personally shot a slug out of a remington 870 and hit a 24"x24" steel plat, thats as far as I've shot a slug. It does take a little kentucky windage, it does drop fast and with its size the wind can carry it depending.
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    helllo, new here and saw your thread and wanted to reply since I have been doing a ton of slug shooting lately.... dont mind the trash, just before monthly clean up

    this is a short video of a 200 yard shots on a rangefinder , 12" gong. 20" smooth bore with 12ga Centurion 1 1/8 oz rifled slug 1400 fps.

    I was holding about 2 - 2 1/2 feet high. I hit it several times but couldn’t do it every time
    I haven’t tried but I think with a rifled barrel, a sabot slug and scope I could hit it more times than not
    As far as penetration, I made the stand with a pressure treated 4x4 on top. I dug a couple out and they only went in about an inch.
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  5. aandabooks

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    What you want is a rifled slug barrel and use sabot slugs. I have a H&R Ultra Slug with a 2x7-40 on it that will make the holes touch at 100 yards. I wouldn't hesitate to shoot a deer at 150 yards. I took a doe this past season at 128.

    With the Win 1300 smooth barrel and regular slugs that I used to hunt with, 75 yards would be pushing the max and realistically inside 50 was much more comfortable.

    I'm in Illinois so I don't get the option of hunting deer with a centerfire rifle. You have to get good with a slug gun if you're going to be successful. I have the potential of 400+ yard shots on the property that I own but can't take them because of the limits of the slug guns.
  6. fireguy

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    My only experience is at 40 yards and it hit dead on point of aim with a smooth bore, 18.5" barrel. I was told by the instructor at that defensive shotgun class that it should be about the same at 100 yards. Never checked to see if that was true or not.

    I did see Bob Munden shoot a baloon at 200 yards with a slug on Impossible Shots, the claim was it was his first shot, too. With the right experience and practice long shots are possible. Efficacy of the round to kill a deer at that distance would have to be proved to me, though.
  7. jismail

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    I was holding a 8" pattern at 50yds with my 12 Gg sighting on target with no drop compensation. I was actually quite surprised with the accuracy as I am typically a rifle guy not a shotgunner.....