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  1. adamhale

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    Can i shoot a rifled slug through a rifled slug barrel? Or should I use a smooth bore barrel with what kind of choke tube?
  2. DarinCraft

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    I am certainly no expert, but it seems to me if you were to shoot a rifled slug (uncoated lead) through a rifled barrel, it would foul the rifling on the barrel. My memory tells me that all unrifled slugs are sabot and rifled slugs are raw lead.

    But an argument to that would be there are raw lead bullets out there that are shot through rifled barrels all the time with no problem.

    If I had chance to have a rifled barrel on one of my shotties, it wouldn't bother me to only shoot sabot.

    just my .02

  3. Zacsquatch

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    The packages of my black magic and KO slugs say "For use in rifled and smooth barrels" they are solid lead... just may take a few more swipes of the brush to clean... although they do have a plastic jacket they sit in...
  4. jpattersonnh

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    A sabot.
    I shot a Slug gun for many years, a smooth bore, no choke w/ rifle sights. Damb accurate at 100 yards w/ rifled slugs. I bought it in 1976 for $65.00 new, fed myself through many lean years in Colorado and sold it in 1992 for $100.00. Should have kept it.
  5. skullcrusher

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    You can, but it can affect accuracy. Shoot saboted slugs (plastic jacketed) in your rifled barrel. Very accurate. Rifled slugs do well in smooth bore barrels. Some use a rifled choke, I do not. A regular improved cylinder or accu-choke is fine.

    The idea of both is to have stabilization on the slug by spinning it as it travels down the barrel and into the target.
  6. DarinCraft

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    Those are called Sabot's, which you can shoot through any barrel. When shot through a smooth bore, they are not as accurate as they do not spin due to no rifling on either the slug or the barrel.

    That is why they have rifled slugs which are supposed to be shot through a smooth barrel to provide a stabilizing spin.