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    I've been getting tired of having to let my shotgun just sit because:

    1) you cant hunt or shoot in this county because you cant shoot in the city and the city covers 70% of the county!
    2) The local range is indoor and thus a slugs only affair. At a $1.20 a shot, this is prohibitively expensive.

    So I went ahead and ordered a lee 1 oz slug mold and a dripper. I need to pick up a torch head and fuel this week to go with it. My question is, what makes up a good wad? Can I reuse the shot cup in the 7.5 shot target loads I'll be using, or should I modify them in some way or go for broke and order something?

    Basically, what qualities make up a good wad for slugs through a smooth bore?
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    Check out
    They will have everything you need to load slugs.