Slow Day Here!

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by EagleSix, May 12, 2007.

  1. EagleSix

    EagleSix New Member

    Seems to be a slow day here at FirearmsTalk. com.

    Two members joined in the last hour, but no new post or threads in the last hour.

    Maybe that's the way it is on weekend days. I know this is a strange Saturday for me I'm very rarely on chat boards on the weekends. I had a bike ride scheduled today but the Ninja deleveped a mechanical last weekend and the parts didn't come-in in time to get it back on the road today. To late to schedule a desert Jeep ride. No training classes this weekend. I guess I could have went to the drop zone and made a jump this morning, but I'm sure they are booked up. And, it's a nice day for just about any activity, but instead I elected to do yard work this morning!! Wow yardwork! My life appears to have taken a downturn today....oh well the yard needs to be spiffied up. But I also need many breaks, so I'll check back in an hour or so.


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  2. BrassMonkey

    BrassMonkey Member Supporter

    Thats the way it goes with new sites. I post on another site that has 1500-2000 members, and it gets about 3-4 new posts an hour, while another site I post on has over 30,000 members and gets new posts so fast you cant keep up with them. As time goes on and membership increases so too will the post counts. Just because the bottom bar says 20 members online doesnt mean theres close to that many here now. They are probably like me and just never log out.

    I have been out to the range today, and type this as I wait for the wife to finish getting ready to go. BBQ today, and since I'm picking up a 12 pack on the way out (and the wife doesn't drink) I probably will not be posting much when I get back. Drinking + typing = hdghag gyuioo......jhg loqbasmdt ;) .

  3. allmons

    allmons New Member

    Sorry, guys and gals, but nurses gotta work weekends

    It's actually a little easier for me to post during the week.

    Of course, like anyone in health care, there are swing shifts, weekends with low coverage, emergencies and local mini-disasters that require ever changing schedules.

    I try to look and post when I can!

  4. snuffy

    snuffy Guest

    Howdy, EagleSix, Brassmonkey, Allmons;

    I just found this forum tonight and like the looks of it. I'm an old f*rt and am retired so you may hear a lot from me in the future.
    A bit of bio.--- I live in central Ar., and interested in self-relience, independence and the constition of the USA. I am slowly building my gun collection along with preps as I can afford.
    I was looking around for info about the Saiga rifles from Russia when I found your site. :) :)

    Yours, Snuffy
  5. allmons

    allmons New Member

    Hey, snuffy - I bought the short barrel Saiga in .223!

    And I love it! It is more accurate than my Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle. Yeah, it's fit and finish are not as good as American weapons, but the price - under $300 in most of the US - is phenomenal.

    I read lots of people alter their Saiga's to take higher capacity mags, but I am content using the 10 rounder that came with it. I actually ordered extra factory mags through Amazon!

    Using the sturdy AK action with a synthetic "sporter" stock, the thing just doesn't fail. Using cheap Wolf or expensive Federal, there has never been a jam or misfire. Ugly is beautiful with this gun!