Slinging a floating barrel

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    My question has to do with floating barrels. As I understand it, the reason for floating a barrel is to eliminate contact with the stock so the harmonics of a vibrating barrel will be consistant shot after shot.

    This leads to my question: If a military shooting sling is used correctly, it is adjusted very tightly so that tension exists between the forestock and bicep, stabilizing the shooting platform. However, my observation has been that this bends the forestock, especially with a synthetic stock, and puts it into contact with the barrel on the side opposite the sling; in other words, the sling bends the forestock, thereby "unfloating" the floating barrel.

    Does this not affect accuracy by bringing the stock into contact with the barrel assymetrically? Worse yet, in a barrel that is not floated, couldn't a tight sling bend a barrel, albeit temporarily?

    I'd appreciate your thoughts and comments on this, as I've been pondering this for quite some time. Thank you!
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    A high end synthetic stock is rigid, lightweight, and made of expensive synthetic materials which is why they are expensive. The variations of design and materials are numerous, as is the number of companies building them. A stock of this quality will have no flex when shot un-supported with a sling and shooting jacket. The stocks with high carbon fiber content are rigid, almost inert so very stable platform, featherweight, and almost unbreakable

    There are a lot of low quality synthetic stocks manufactured, and they usually end up on factory rifles. Now these stocks do elicit the issue you raised as there is no rigidity.

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    Yup What he said.[​IMG]
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    It depends on the stock. You may find that even a cheap synthetic stock will flex at the receiver end of a floated barrel and not affect the barrel at all. You may find the flex adversely affects the accuracy severely. If you want the most accuracy from the rifle, you need a good quality stock that will not flex under sling tension.
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    The amount the presure will effect your accuracy usually will not be enough to matter in a hunting stiuation. So unless your shooting PD`s at longer ranges or big game at over 400 yrds. the accuracy lose probly won`t cause a miss. If your shooting compation it can ruin your day.