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Hello Everyone. Ill Start off by saying I am not a gunsmith. I do however enjoy accessorizing my firearms. I am not a hunter nor do I compete in shooting matches. What I do know about firearms is mostly on the self defense side. I own what most people would call a large amout of firerarms and all the firearms I use daly are of very high quality. Some of my "babies" include a Custom 6.8 SPC W/ a LWRC Upper and LMT Lower, a "made by satin Barrett M82A1", and several Glocks. (no, you cannot touch my Barrett:)
Jokes asside, I look forward to talking with you.

I bought a not so high quality norinco 98 12ga last week. I wanted this as a shelf gun only so im not putting alot of money in it. I went to K-Mart and got a cheap sling swivel set. The package said "will fit most popular shotguns". The shotgun is drilled for swivel studs so I thought it would fit right in like my mossbergs and remingtons. I was wrong! I cant tell if the stud is just to big or if the thread dont match. It feels like both. What are my options?
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