sling swivel stud will not fit

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    Hello Everyone. Ill Start off by saying I am not a gunsmith. I do however enjoy accessorizing my firearms. I am not a hunter nor do I compete in shooting matches. What I do know about firearms is mostly on the self defense side. I own what most people would call a large amout of firerarms and all the firearms I use daly are of very high quality. Some of my "babies" include a Custom 6.8 SPC W/ a LWRC Upper and LMT Lower, a "made by satin Barrett M82A1", and several Glocks. (no, you cannot touch my Barrett:)
    Jokes asside, I look forward to talking with you.

    I bought a not so high quality norinco 98 12ga last week. I wanted this as a shelf gun only so im not putting alot of money in it. I went to K-Mart and got a cheap sling swivel set. The package said "will fit most popular shotguns". The shotgun is drilled for swivel studs so I thought it would fit right in like my mossbergs and remingtons. I was wrong! I cant tell if the stud is just to big or if the thread dont match. It feels like both. What are my options?
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    Good possibility that you have a metric thread on the weapon, and an American thread on the sling swivel. Get the thread on the gun checked, and replace the screw in the swivel with one that matches. Please note how I have refrained from making comments about buying a REAL gun :)p ), but the quality of the Norinco look-a-likes has been less than sterling, ya know? Seriously, good luck- and please let us know whatcha find, OK?

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    c3shooter could be right, it might be a metric threat. Another option is re-tapping the thread with an imperial tap or facing and clearance cutters with one that matches the pitch of that on swivel, but this may make the hole too big for the swivel to screw into. However its not that easy with stocks, you may want to consult an expert anyway. Hope this helps.
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    I would just get re drill the stock and get a swivel set like goes on some rifles such as the 30-30's and do it that way.