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Sling Advise?

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So I have a Swiss K31 that is in need of a sling. He may become my hunting rifle this season. I have the piece for the bottom of the stock to attach the sling to, but every sling I have tried is too small. Where do you other K31 owners get your slings?

Just because I'm proud, here's the first in what I hope becomes a good sized C&R collection (my only one to date, but the wish list is long):

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I got one from Numrich a few months ago and it didn't fit. It was sold as a sling for a K31 but it wasn't long enough to attach, and if it had been it would have been too snug against the rifle to use. I sent it back and they still have not credited me my money back for it, either. I don't need it to be an authentic sling or anything like that. It would be nice but I've about given up on finding one that fits and is in good condition (the last one actually had stuff growing on it).
Thanks! I might be dropping him a line in the very near future!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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