Slim grips for normal hands?

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by SPoff, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. SPoff

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    I've just purchased my first 1911, a used SW1911Sc. It has Hogue rubber grips with a palm swell which I don't like. This pistol will be used exclusively for concealed carry so I have been looking at slim grips. I have average size hands. I can grip any single or double stack pistol without problem. Will a set of slim grips feel uncomfortably narrow? Do I need to stick with normal width grips?
  2. kdog

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    Have you tried the classic Pachmayr Signature grip?



    I found, that these are often good for normal sized hands.

    But befor you buy some, see if you can try 1911`s with different grips at a range or a gun shop. Maybe at a gunshop, you can mount the grips to try them before buying them.

  3. canebrake

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    Slims do funny things to the "feel" of the gun but they also change the basic geometry of the hand.

    First, if you do try a slim set get the new slim bushings and screws or you will ruin the slims by trying to fit them on the existing bushings. Trust me on this one! If you don’t break out the molded in shoulders you will have screw interference with the mag. (Or both)

    I have average to large hands and what I found going to the slims, for better conceal carry, moved my trigger finger forward. (Less gun to hold) This required a “long trigger” to be installed for proper finger pad to trigger interface. I loved the slims but just couldn’t adjust to the extra distance my finger needed to travel back just to make contact.

    I like my slims, but had no idea going in that it was a bigger change than just the grips.
  4. Dillinger

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    Wilson Combat makes some slim grips that are well reviewed.

    2RCO. My girl has a set of these, in pink none the less :rolleyes:, that were a tad bit slimmer than the stock ones.

    Slim grips take a bit getting used too, I would agree with Cane on that. It does change how the weapon feels in your hand. If you can comfortably use a double stack, then I would think you would be able to handle a single stack with just about any grip on it. You might just need a DIFFERENT set of normal grips that feel better in your particular hand...

  5. supergus

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    I have average sized hands and my SIG GSR Compact has factory slim grips and they feel really good. I even went so far as to radius the front edges of the grips so they blend in with the front strap.