Skunked Again

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by ktmboyz, Jul 19, 2009.

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    I have to German shepherds that got skunked again last night :mad: I have in the past tried every skunk spray or concoction known and as I'm sure you all know its all junk. Last time this happened I read about a mix to try if you can do it right after the attack. You use one qt hydrogen peroxide 1/4 cup baking soda and a teaspoon of dish soap. Mix it all together and use it just after mixing and its fresh. I can't believe how well it worked !! I had it on the first one rubbing it into a lather for about 5 min and the smell was gone and I was amazed. I then rinsed her and then bathed one more time with regular pooch soap and there was no odor at all :eek:
    If any of you other pet owners have gone through a spraying you know how bad it is, it just makes everything you own stink for weeks no matter how much you clean and wash stuff. Just thought I would pass this along in case anyone has such a pleasant surprise as I at 11:30 last night :mad::mad:
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    White viniger seems to work well to keep the skunks away. Buy it by the gallons and use a pump sprayer to spread it. They come out at night and go more my sent so the spray will keep them from your home. They have a pattern when they go looking for food so a month or two will of spraying will keep them away. You have to apply weekly and after a rain. It's worth the effort unless you have a lot of land to cover.

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    Good info for us dog owners!

    Thanks ktmboyz [​IMG]

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    Will this same mixture work on kids and wives??
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    That combo works GREAT! My husky got sprayed and it was HORRIFIC! made the entire house smell from out side. One wash with the peroxide combo, smell was gone!

    ohh btw tomato juice don't do a damn thing for dogs, all it did was make him smell like a stinky *** vegetable..
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    You talkin' about the one to get rid of the stench or to get them to stay away?
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    The peroxide/soap/soda mix works quite well. BTW, skunks seem to have really bad eyesight, and are not afraid of anything (since they carry a nuke around with them)

    Which is why so many get rabies- when approached by a rabid animal, they don't try to run- and get bitten.

    My office at the house has a sliding door that open to a sunken patio about 14x20. About 5 yrs ago, one winter day, noticed my stack of firewood had a little skunk sunning herself on it- had an injured foot. She spent the winter there- never sprayed. Could go out and get wood, she would sit on other end of stack and watch. Have been at desk in evening working, would look up, and she would be at door peeking in.

    No real good way to dispose of one- shoot them, live trap them, tranquilize them- you WILL get the nuke.

    Come a Spring day, put a few bits of dry cat food on each step coming up from patio- she climbed the stairs, nibbling her way to the top, and wandered off to the woods looking for grubs. Just a real unusual "neighbor" for the winter.
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    Yes, the above bath does take the smell away, one night at about 11 pm I was doing an in-frame on a Perkins diesel, well I was on a creeper torquing the rod and main brg's caps. I was putting my foot on the bottom frame of the container lift for the last stage of the torque for leverage, when my foot slipped off and of course it hit a skunk that I did not know was there. I then got all of the benefits of the skunk. I then evacuated the area post haste, then preceded to strip in the middle of the lot, got in my truck, and preceded naked to drive across town to the house, wife would not let me in, just handed me a bucket through the door, would not even let me come near the door until she closed it, had to sponge bath in the back yard, then I was able to come in and bathe. Sure was glad it was not daylight and rush hour, was embarrising enough with out that happening.

  9. ktmboyz

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    Man that had to suck, I am always out in the garage late at night with the door open rolling around under somthing.. Thanks now I'm gona be paranoid everytime I hear something :eek:
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    I can testify to the shooting = stinky, part of this. I've often thought that game wardens should be issued skunks for deploying in spotlighter-prone areas. (rabbits, not deer & that was my last time ever)