sks tapco intrafuse?

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    Just bought a 1954 russian sks here not too long ago in great shape if I say so myself, but I'm debating on using the original stock or purchasing an intrafuse. I want to use it for coyotes, so I would like to put a scope on it, but I'm not really onboard with a reciever scope mount although some I have seen have a "constant zero". The idea of the bolt carrier slamming the reciever doesn't seem particularily accurate, unless I got a recoil buffer to prevent metal on metal contact? I also like the look of the olive drab intrafuse with a small scope on the rear sight which i think would be a lot more accurate. If I did go with the intrafuse if its not a sloppy stock (never seen one or really heard any reviews about it) would the bottom rail version with no bayonet be the way to go for front grip capability? Would it make a noticable difference?

    Let me know about your sks set ups, pictures would be awesome!

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    If you're gonna be out in the bush, use a replacement stock. If you're gonna put a scope, get a replacement receiver cover so you don't ruin the original.