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    Can anyone help me by reccommending a good scope mount for my SKS?


    Sks Scope Mount?

    Hello all

    RON L here = Seresurplus

    As for SKS or AK scope mounts, I recommend for the SKS, the Welded to the top of a Reciever cover Models that tapco and a few other companies sell! Try to avoid the Models with the big screws on the top or side, exposed, as I have seen them loosen up and be a real Bear to stay sighted in? No ammount of Lock Tite or other stuff seems to Hold them down? if you get the Welded on Model, You can easily swop off the Mount with scope, when you wanna use just iron sites and the welded model seems to stay sighted in better, at least for the 12 or so folks that I have Helped in the past? Hope this Helps to some small degree?


    PS: Remember, try to stay with a smaller, lighter scope and mount, as any and all weight and length throws the Ballance and feel of the SKS off, In my Opinion, of course?

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    geez, I hate to make my 3rd post as disputing someone, but my experience tells me I must.
    Receiver cover scope mounts on SKS's simply don't work well. They may be fine, at first, but after you've shot some rounds with it installed, it will invariably loosen up and repeatability will be a thing of the past. Whether the base is welded on the cover or screwed to cover, the covers fit to receiver is what will loosen up.
    Even the Millet mount, that attaches in place of rear sight, has a lot of issues with side to side movement. I hear there is another mount that attaches there that may be a little better but I have no experience with them.
    The only ones that truly hold zero is the type that require drilling and tapping the side of the receiver. I hear lots of good things about the Leapers. A shell deflector is generally required with these type, though.
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    drill and tap

    I use a Choate side mount bolted to the receiver mounted low as possible and be able to disassemble / a Burris shotgun scope. This rig stays put and gives plenty of eye relief.

    On my Yugo I had to replace the barrel and I put in a non-adjustable gas valve. Now that is has proper headspacing and no gas leaks it shoots my hand loads into 5 shot groups of 1.5 inch at 100. Factory ammo comes in at 2 + inches. Scope and mount work great! Oh yea, it does have a Tapco aftermarket stock.

    Personally I think the SKS is a peep site weapon. The above was just a lets see how it works project.
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    I spent $60 on the TECH SIGHTS rear aperture sight. It sucks! They claim it returns to zero - it doesn't. They claim it's easy to install - it's not! They tell you to replace the rear cover pin with their threaded pin which holds their sight in place - what they don't tell you is, at least on my Yugo 59/66, the pin wasn't made to remove! It has a tit on it that prevents it from being fully withdrawn, so either you have to grind the tit off and ruin the original pin, or enlarge the existing hole in the cover to allow the tit to pass through, which is what I did. Problem is, to clean the gun you must remove the bolt cover, and when you put it back after cleaning, I can guarantee that your zero will be off!
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    sks peep

    Yea I have heard of problems with tech site. I use a Williams fire sight with their ghost ring rear site replacement on one of my Yugos. Works great!