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Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by VASH1456, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. VASH1456

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    I've been thinking about getting a sks rifle. As i was looking online i was seeing them but with detachable magazines. I was wondering how would someone go about doing that cause i thought they only had fixed magazines?
  2. Minionsram

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    well this depends on what you had seen. You can buy a SKS and put a detachable mag on it. ATI makes some as well as a few other manufactures. the down side is those mags dont detach too well in my personal exploits with them. The other thing is you may have saw a Rasheed. The Rasheed is an Egyptian SKS of sorts that accepts a 10 round mag and it is detachable. You also have its larger cousin that uses a larger round called the Hakim. They both look similar to the SKS but have a few distinctive diffrences. Also both the Rasheed and the Hakim are hard to find so if you seen one of those it might have a price that is well above the price of an SKS.

  3. Werminator

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    Also there is a specific type of sks factory built to accept AK mags. It has, of course, an AK shape mag well unlike all the other SKS variants. I think it is designated a type M but I could be wrong. Rather than carrying a bunch of large mags, I decided I could be just as effective practicing with stripper clips and so far I feel I have been right. I have seen the difficulty some guys have had changing the aftermarket mags as well as the reliability issues many of them have caused and I prefer the almost perfect reliability i have seen from the standard 10 round box mag and strippers... Besides... Who hasn't asked their wife if she had seen their stripper without thinking it through first? (or you did and simply asked to piss her off!)
  4. locutus

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    The SKS was designed for utter reliability with a fixed magazine. Personally, I would avoid detachable SKS mags. (But that's just me. :p)

    I figure that if I fire ten rounds, and don't have time to push a stripper clip in, I have a bigger problem than just magazine capacity. :(:(
  5. VASH1456

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    Amen to that, your right about the stripper clips. I'm trying to decide right now between a SKS or a SAIGA .223 or 7.62. The gun shop by my house has SAIGA's in .223 and 7.62 both are $415.00. Plus I live in California and there's a million and a half gun laws I gotta watch out for like that DAMN bullet button.
  6. texaswoodworker

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    Norinco makes a SKS that are designed to use an AK mag. You can also make a regualr SKS do this, but you will usually have to mod the wood, and possibly the frame. A lot of people have screwed up a perfectly good SKS by doing this wrong. I want one of the Norincos, but their prices (along with most semi auto rifle/shotgun) have gone up because of the election. :(
  7. Tackleberry1

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    I have a Russian SKS. Picked up two 30 round detachable mags at a gun show shortly after buying the rifle 16 years ago. They have functioned flawlessly. I also have a 40 rndr that won't work at all. The elongated top on these does make reloading tricky but with practice it's not too tough.

  8. Josh1158

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    You can find mags that will fit it. I have a fixed, some 10's, and some 35's that fit my norinco. The 10's are junk. The 35's are metal and work great.
  9. Strike_Hard_Gear

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    Replacing the fixed mag with a removable mag is easy to do and takes maybe 5 minutes.
    Buy a duckbill magazine and see if you like using that way. If so, buy more and if not switch back to fixed and call it good.