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SKS Problem

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Ok I picked up a SKS Yugo with AK Ramp sights and a fiberforce stock I took it to the range today and every shot hit in a different place 2 feet high or 3 feet low or way left or way right it also appearers that the bullets are tumbling by the way they are printing. does anyone have any idea?
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SKS Problem?

Hello all


I have thought about your SKS problem and after agreement wirth the other folks onthe crown and looking for some bad parts and area's, I'd say take it to the range and get it rested and try it slowly! Bench rest it and site it in at a tgt close like 25 yards, see how it hits? Then Move out to 50 and than 100 yards, se if it's you, or the SKS? A good place to start, plus I like others to try it as well? That eliminates the YOU Factor? Then you can look for all the fun gun part problems? Just a thought?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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