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Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by aceman, Sep 30, 2008.

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    I'm new to the forum, and would like some thoughts on the notorious topic
    of sks scope mounts. I bought my first norinco d-model sks about 10 years
    ago, and ordered a cheap norinco scope and receiver mount, that never kept
    point of impact at any distance. Then I bought my current D-model 3 years
    ago and ordered the "improved" leaper's receiver mount with a 5th. generation
    6X scope. Love the scope, but everytime I go to the range and get the gun to group 2-3' at 50yds, then go back to the range next weekend, the point of impact has changed on the target, though the groups are still OK?
    I understand that the sks is a 100yd battle rifle, and though I'm skilled
    enough to hit the torso area at 100yds with the open sights, I prefer to have
    a 4X scope for a clear sight picture. I'm happy with a 3-4" group at 100yds,
    but all I want is a mount system to keep the shots in the same spot everytime
    I go back to the range! I'm considering the choate side mount, has anyone
    had consistent points of impact with this system?

  2. JiroZero713

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    I'm tempted to get that Choate mount too or the one that just comes over it comepletely but I can still use the iron sights....but I'd have to find me a good gunsmith to put it on.