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  1. curly45

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    Just got a Tapco interfuse stock. Has anyone tried to improve accuracy by using a scope or red dot mounted to the rail on the top of this stock and if so how well did it work?
  2. Joshua M. Smith

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    Are you talking about the one on the gas tube?

    Won't work. The plastic is too flimsy to hold the 'scope mounts, and the tube will move.

    I have a gas tube rail on my SKS for one reason only: It is used as a guttersight to co-witness the iron sights, which are AR style rear and fine post up front.

    The guttersight setup is perfect for close (<50yd) range shooting.

    If you want to properly mount a 'scope, you'll have to look at the Choate (or similar) side mounts which are just modern incarnations of the PU/PE/PEM style mounts used on both the Mosin-Nagant (common) and SKS (not common) sniper rifles.


  3. Gunfan--actic

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    I had a Norinco in a Tapco T6, where the gas tube cover screwed to the stock. I mounted a Leapers red/green dot optic on the rail and it preformed flawlessly, no movement as the rail is secured to the stock. The best scope/optic mount I have used is the Choate receiver mount. You must square the mount to the receiver, drill and tap four holes, I did mine in 8-40, and screw the mount directly to the side of the receiver. It sells for around $50.00 or so and comes with hardware. You might also try the Leapers SKS Quad Rail System. I got one mounted on the T6, but it takes a little work. You have to file the forend of the stock down and square it, but once you get it mounted it is very secure, does not move, and offers 4 rails with around 46 slots.