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Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by curly45, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. curly45

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    Found a part to modify one of my sks's it replaces the reciever and you can mount a scope on it. Looks like it would be real solid. Does anyone have any experience with this ? Any info would be appreciated. Would either go on my yugo or the chinese one. Would mention the site but don't know if that is allowed. THANKS
  2. Rick1967

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    I have seen a few parts like that on the internet. I would be concerned that it might move just a bit. A scope mount that moves is worthless. Just an observance. I haven't actually tested one.

  3. jeepcreep927

    jeepcreep927 New Member

    Rick's right on the movement of the cover. I tried one of these when I was a kid and it held the scope, but that's about all.

    Some are up around $50.00+ and not worth it in my experience.
  4. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    I've had one. Unless you can fit it to the weapon in a way that it wont move...It will move. So zeroing the glass will be next to impossible. What you might try is a mount that replaces the hand guard. They are much more steady. THe bolt cover scope mounts look cool but their function is not all that great. I ended up with a Tapco T6 stock on mine and it come with the hand guard mount. I've been much happier with how it all sits now.