SKS Hammer Question

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    I made a mistake earlier and took the saftey out of my Yugo SKS for some detailed cleaning.

    Well it was a pain in the butt too get back in. Once I got it back in, the I tested the weapon with a dry fire.

    The hammer would only fall half way forward. So I took out the trigger assembly and re installed it again, and now it falls forward just fine.

    Could I had had it in there crooked? What could have caused this?

    I just am a little weary of something that functions wierd one minute and then ok the next.

    I am thinking I just had it installed crooked, or wrong the first time.
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    Not being there at the time of the surgery I cant give a diagnosis.



    Sks Hamer Question?

    Hello KEY/ALL


    I'd have to fly with Joe on this? Not being there, it's hard to tell what went wrong? When you say you Pulled out the Safty to detail clean, do you mean the trigger assembly or the safety? If you mean the Trigger Mechanism, Yes, It is Possible you did not insery it back in correctly or did not seat the unit with a sharp Wrap on that to put it back where it belongs in the stock, Yes, SKS love to be slapped and if you don't, with the trigger mecanism, you may see all sort of Problems! The fun soulution is to go to the range, fire like 50 rounds, stop, clean it all, dis-assemble it and re-assemble it with a sharp seating slap on the trigger mechanism, if no problems, I think you found your problem?> If not, Do it again and see? At worst, ya got to fire some ammo, had some fun and checked out the falure? If it still fails, sounds like you need to look mat the trigger Mechanism and se if it's not all there, or something broke or went south? Hardly likely as SKS are tough and seldome fail! Let us know? OK, I love to hear what solved the problem, after the fact?

    RON L