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  1. Cpt_Sunchips

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    I always loved the look of an SKS More then an AK, and think it would be good for a first rifle, however, like any gun i want....i need to pimp it out

    So, i know their exist a front Tritium sight, but what about a rear

    how about scope mounts? i saw a great deal on a triji for under 600 on Optics Planet. plus, i seen some advance aperature sights similar to and m16 for sale but iffy on it.

    Hows the recoil?

    Recommended loads? Gear? Techniques?

  2. Werminator

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    I sold my SKS a few years ago... well... traded it for a Winchester Model 70 in .243. I love my newer deer rifle but I wish I would have kept my SKS too. Never found a scope mount that would stay true but with open sights I could keep a few inch group out to 75 or 80 yards. The weight of the gun does well to help reduce the recoil of what I feel is a reasonably stout round. Only thing I didn't like was that I kept catching my fingers in the action while loading it. Great gun. Not much is needed to "pimp it out" as they are such great guns to start with...

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    Recoil is almost n on-existant. They tend to be reliable to a fault with the factory 10 round mag. High cap mags range from not worth a dime to excellent. Scope mounting traditionally utilizes a replacement bolt cover and rarely works well. Scout mount is probably the best idea. I just found one at They are just a few miles from me and I will look at testing one soon. I will give a write up when I get a sample.
  4. Cpt_Sunchips

    Cpt_Sunchips New Member

    Can it use an AK rear sight? or should i just get a regular AK?
  5. orangello

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    The rear sight is about the same on both rifles?

    I put the tech sights aperature sights on mine and like them, but i haven't had much opportunity for testing at any distance.

    It is frequently said that consistent performance from the SKS is very ammo-dependant; wolf & some other bulk/cheap ammo is not heralded for its consistency in performance.

    I too tried the receiver cover scope mounts, a couple different types, and have not been able to hold a good zero, even with the "set screws". If i do scope it later, it will be with the molot rail setup from kalinka, but it's not really a loooooooong range firearm or a "sniper rifle"-type weapon, IMO.
    That would make this one expensive SKS. With that much in the rifle, i would need a better scope than i have, and with almost a grand in the rifle, scope, mount, and accessories, i would surely have to hand load for it, so i would need some reloading equipment...
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