SKS Cosmo Ago-go

Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by Gun Shooter, Jan 18, 2009.

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    Just remembered I had an old SKS, Dug it out and its covered in a thin layer of COSMO(?) about as thick as KY on your joint. HOW to get it off? DO NOT want your opinion, ONLY what truly works, DO NOT WANT YOUR OPINION!!! ONLY FACTS,Cheaply,Quickly,Easily.
  2. ScottG

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    Nice friendly way to ask for help you've got there brother.

    Hot water will work on the metal parts. Boiling hot water.

    Break cleaner will work, oven cleaner will work on parts and stock.

    Take the stock and put it in a black plastic garbage bag and set it in the sun for a couple of hours, then wipe stock clean. You can also bake it out in your oven, or wash it out in your dishwasher. Repeat as needed. Refinish stock as these methods will remove all oils from it.

    The fastest is washing or baking for the stock, all methods are the same for the metal parts. Just clean and reoil.

  3. Borden

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    I just did my first SKS cosmoline clean up.

    I used 2 bottles of gun scrub with decent results, then brake parts cleaner. The brake cleaner did the trick and its much cheaper. The stock in the oven at 175F bleeds out cosmo' for about 30 minutes, just wipe as needed.

    You will read a lot about taking the bolt apart and making sure it is free of cosmoline. I gave mine a couple ginger raps with a mallet & punch and the retaining pin didn't budge. I am sure I was just being a (i), but instead of pressing the issue, I took the bolt to my dentist office and got it sterilzed. It now rattles like a dry clutch, and it is free of imported Yugo-germs.
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    Soak metal parts in brake cleaner. It works very well. Just be sure to oil parts accordingly when done.

    For the stock, I used hot water and Simple Green with a 0000 steel wool pad. Did Howards Restor-A-Finish for an oil/wax. Later I applied Tom's 1/3 Military wax from The Gun Stock Doctor using instructions on that site.

    Here's how it sits today.