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  1. tinbucket

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    I have two SKS. The bayonet does not lie tight against the stock on either one, as it should. I would just take them off but it looks unbalanced then.
    Anyone been able to tighten the detent or whatever up so the bayonet tucks up tight to the stock, like it should?
  2. KG7IL

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    Description of the problem is clear, but the details are lacking.
    Does the detent on the bayonet mount, not allow it to lie tight, or will it lie tight when oversprung?
    Does the bayonet interfere and get blocked from lying tight?

    I might also ask, are these the correct bayonets for your SKS?

    These rifles have many variants, and parts sometimes get mismatched.
    Here is one of the best sites I have found..... target page is bayonet/mounts.

    Be sure to page down to the photo and description of 'sag'

  3. tinbucket

    tinbucket Well-Known Member

    They appear to be the correct bayonets. Whether they were switched from piles of surplus, I don't know. The notch on the barrel band that the bayonet handle notch locks into lets the bayonet hand down a quarter inch from being snug to the stock. I had one unissued, that I sold, where every thing was fine. It appears the notch on the barrel band or the bannot notch was filed down a bit or wore that amount. I don't have equipment to weld a bit and grind it down. Surely there is a simplier answer that escapes me.