SKS Bayonet Needed!!

Discussion in 'AK & SKS Discussion' started by lastcast, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. lastcast

    lastcast New Member

    Might anyone know where I can get a bayonet, spring and mounting screw for my
    Russian SKS? Not looking for the Chinese spear type but the original blade type.

    My SKS is marked made in 1953 if that helps get the right blade.

    Also looking for a sling for same gun.

    THANKS in advance, look forward to your replies.


  2. TrueNorth

    TrueNorth New Member

    I know that you're in the states, but try looking at Marstar Canada, or Lever Arms, or International Shooting Supplies. (search their names and you'll get the sites.)

    We're flooded with SKS's up here (so much so that Lever Sells them by the crate to customers). Anyways most stores up where I live carry a full line of parts and accessories for them. I'm sure that they could be shipped to you - depending on what mood the border guys are in! I see the parts everywhere.