sks 59/66 Malfunction?

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    I have just purchased a yugo 59/66 cai and I think a piece in the trigger called the disconnector(I circled it in the picture) prevents the gun from firing while the bolt assembly is in the all the way forward position. If I follow the bolt assembly up with my hand and don't let it completely lock in the closed position the trigger will pull but upon removing the housing I've noticed the hammer hits the bolt carrier before reaching the firing pin. I attempted to fire it without having it locked in the all the way forward position and the firing pin only lightly touched the primer's I was then notified it might explode from not being all the way sealed. The trigger just pulls if the bolt assembly is all the way forward I have to pull it back about a inch in order for it to disengage the disconnector(someone told me the chamber isn't completely sealed and could cause a explosion)? I wasnt sure if this was true because I did see that the hammer hits the bolt carrier closing the gap before hitting the firing pin. Unsure whats going on here any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Take it to a gun smith. It is hard to tell anything from your photos and a typical gunsmith will tell you what is wrong for free and of course if it is something that you are not going to be able to fix he is right there... Good Luck

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    I'm a little bit confused exactly what your problem is. Does it shoot ok or not? It malfunctions when attempting to shoot it, or when you have the trigger housing out of the rifle? If it is indeed the disconnector causing the problem, that's a quick, easy fix. Whole assembled trigger housings are available on the market for about 20-30$ if you want to replace it yourself.