skinning a coyote

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    after you skin a coyote there will still be flesh inside what do you do to it leave it or try rippng it out and i want to keep the fur:D
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    Scrape it with a sharp knife.

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    Scrape it with a knife the same way you would de-scale a fish then dry it. Then either heat up your blade over a fire and re scrape it while pouring on a very small amount of bleach (VERY SMALL). Then sanitize it and hand wash it a few times and your good to go from there :) this method has always worked for me
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    Do not

    Do not scrape it with a sharpe knife. If you can locate a trapper in your area, take it to him or her. You need a fleshing beam and a draw knife. The draw knife is relatively dull and it scrapes the flesh away from the hide rather than cutting it. A sharpe instrument will cut the hide and leave a bunch of holes. If you google fleshing beam and draw knife it will show photos of what I am talking about. After the hide has been fleshed, rub it down with borax to preserve it. If you want it soft it must be tanned. You can google hide tanning also. There are several different methods for tanning. Happy New year. OT
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