Six biggest things in war history

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    Excellent link.

    The 442nd were a set of bad *** warriors that would have made Lionydas proud. Check out a book called "Go For Broke: A Pictorial History of the Fighting 442nd" or something like that. It's a very easy read, lots of pictures with well written descriptions of what happened, the medals won and the strategies involved. Trust me, it's worth a couple of hours of your time!!

    Subotai though...... what can you say about a guy who makes the accomplishments of Alexander the Great look like a game of Little League Risk?? :eek:



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    YES...Very Cool Link.....
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    :eek: We should have a game of FTF Risk.
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    OK- some of you have heard me tell this before. Sorry, just go wash and wax your dog or something for a minute. For the rest of you-

    There is a program called "Helmets to Hardhats"- it seeks to take military certifications, and convert them to civilian certifications- like a military Combat Engineer that has training that SHOULD be accepted by civilian licensing authorities. I do a small amount of work with that program. June 2000. I was attending a national meeting of that group at a very nice hotel in DC.

    As I was passing through the lobby, I noticed an older gent sitting in the lobby. His shirt caught my eye- a REAL Hawai'ian Aloha shirt. I do business in the islands, and they are business wear instead of a coat and tie. If you are a local, you can probably tell the brand of the shirt (God help you if you wear a TOURIST shirt)

    I spoke with him in passing- "Hey Bra- you long way from home, eh?" He smiled, said "Yeah- dis not much like Lihue." "You from Kauai? You know the Maeda's (construction company) ?" "HERB? You know Herb? Hey, must be small world!"

    So, we're talking, asked if he was on vacation. He said "No, here with some of the guys I was in the Army with. Come on over, I'll introduce you."

    We walked around the corner, and there were 6 more older Hawai'ian gents. He introduced me, shook hands, asked if they had a reunion? Sort of.

    The seven of them were waiting at the hotel for the motorcade to take them to the White House. Those seven members of the 442 RCT and the 100th Bn were that morning to receive the Medal of Honor.

    In 23 years of military service, I had met two holders of the Medal. That morning, I was privileged to salute seven of them at one time. I was completely trashed for the rest of the day.
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    How would this play out? :confused:

    You want to match military tactics with IGETEVEN or C3Shooter? You want to match political and governing strategy against bkt or canebrake or opaww? You want to go head to head in a fantasy realm of planning attacks and recoveries against someone like Benning Boy or jca1? You want to have a battle of pre-war, in the media, statement battles to a hypothetical UN against say, Ineffable? :confused:

    Personally? I would rather hand sand the starfish of an alligator, to a fine and prisitine shine in a phone booth, than take that beating. :eek:

    Just sayin'

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    Thanks for the post, that was a great article.
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    US senator Inouye of Hawaii was in the 442nd. Inouye lost an arm and was awarded the Medal of Honor much later.