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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by sculker, Nov 29, 2008.

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    We do things a bit differently here in South Carolina …

    Rather than actually fix our state’s bass-ackward tax code, we prefer to keep our citizens stupid and then offer them gimmicks involving guns.

    Only in South Carolina (which boasts the nation’s lowest high school graduation rate) will you find a “tax free weekend” on the purchase of firearms, which is precisely the sort of meaningless crap that our state legislature passes all the time.

    It’s not that we’ve got anything against guns (or stupid people, for that matter), but when politicians like the notoriously inane and opportunistic Mike Pitts consistently substitute gimmicks like this for real reform, we end up with no real reform.

    And guess what, people … when you’re a poor state with no investment and no jobs, “no reform” is no good.

    But thank you, Rep. Pitts, for this tax free holiday on gun purchases.

    Your symbolic support of the Second Amendment is touching, and we’re sure it says a lot about your commitment to preserving this basic American freedom.

    We’re also sure the NRA will stroke you a fat campaign check and endorse you from here to eternity, all of which is fine and good except none of it does a damn thing to move this state forward.

    Look … we love guns, the Second Amendment and the NRA as much as anybody, but we’re fooling ourselves if we think this does anything other than waste our time and create another ridiculous loophole in our tax code.

    It’s great that we’ll keep this $15,000 or so out of government coffers this weekend, but at some point our politicians need to stop symbolically pandering and start substantively cutting our taxes.

    Until then, we’ll continue to be a stupid and poor state … that just so happens to be incredibly well-armed.
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    HEY, it could be worse! You could be stupid & gunless.

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    Fingers off the triggers, ladies, 'til you have your target.