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  1. alard17

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    is it legal to buy a complete reloading kit from USA through the internet and send it to a friend of mine in turkey:confused:
    what is tho most trusted website to do that:D
    how much does it gonna cost

    notice: my friend want to reload AK-47 rounds and he has got the proper projectile and powder
  2. c3shooter

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    You are likely to encounter some restrictions when EXPORTING firearms related items. You best shot (pun intended) would be to contact one of the manufacturers (try Lee Precision) and see if you can pay for it and have them ship directly to him. They will know the export restrictions better than the average forum member.

    General note- not only is the export of firearms to other countries regulated by law, but some firearm accessories, such as scopes are regulated as well. Reloading equipment- I simply don't know.

    ALSO- be advised- most of the Communist bloc AK ammo is not reloadable with standard US equipment- different primer (boxer/ berdan incompatibility) It CAN be reloaded, but is a real pain.