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    Hi all. I'm looking at getting a Simmons .22 mag for my 10/22. I am new at scopes. What is the difference between the 4 power and 3-9. What would be best for my gun. I'm just wanting to plink with it. Thanks
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    the nice thing is the 22 rimfire has next to no recoil, so it doesn't have the need for super expensive optics like most centerfire rifles.

    the 4x is a straight 4 power scope. the 3-9 is a variable with powers that can be changed from 3 to 9 power with the dial.

    which is best for your rifle is purely personal and subjective. which one suits your needs better? personally i like a 3-9 on even my rimfire 22's and my father uses nothing but a straight 4 power on his.

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    I'm a little late to the party, but also look at the Simmons 44MAG(new model with Red Ring around Elevation Knob). This Scope is 3-12x44 with Side Focus. The Glass is crystal clear, no haze at the edges, quick Eye Focus and just overall outstanding for the price. At least with this Scope, you're not limited with a 50yd Parallax that the 22MAG has. I have one mounted on a Ruger 77/22 Magnum and I'm very pleased with it.
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    I really like a 4x fixed power scope. Lots of hunters use their scope for a binocular. If you have a fixed power scope you still have magnification but you can't crank it up to 9x so you have a tiny field of view if you need to make a 10 yard shot. Another advantage fixed power scopes have is a once piece tube. There is less to go wrong with a fixed power scope. I have been using fixed power scopes for 30 years. The only scope I have had to fail is a BSA shotgun scope. It took several years of 3" shotgun slugs to kill it. Another factor is the bottom of the line scope today are better than the very best scopes 30 years ago.

    If I was going to get a simmons 4x fixed power scope I would get the 8 point. It is only a few dollars more and it is a better made scope. I have an 8 point on my 22 wmr. If something happened to one of the scopes on my centerfire rifles or shotgun I wouldn't hesitate to put the 8 point into service. In fact, I got the 8 point to replace the broken BSA scope on my shotgun. I didn't like a 32 mm scope on the shotgun. I sent the broken BSA back for replacement. But the 8 point survived 35 12 ga slugs without drifting before I replaced it.