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Silver bullets

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Came across something I thought was pretty awsome. A company is offering silver bullion shaped like .45 ACP (1oz) and .50 BMG and I think the other was 25mm. I didn't pay much attention to what the price on the .50 and 25mm were but I did order 5 of the .45 ACP. They were priced about $5.00 over current bullion prices and I thought they really looked cool. I think I'll see about having a jeweler solder a silver ring on the primer and make a necklace out of at least one of them. I know one of my kids would like one and the rest can just line up in the gun cabinet. I don't know if it's OK to put the companies name here or not, if anyone is interested, they can PM me or if the mods say it's OK I'll put the name here.
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Any chance u can post pics?

I like silver and that interest me maybe they will have some more things to look at I'm sure posting the link will be ok
Hey thrduck sounds cool, post a link if you have one, sounds like you are thinking of prepping for the werewolf apocalypse. :D
Search "Northwest Territorial Mint", click on bullion then in the search box type in silver bullet.
I was looking at those the other day. Definitely a cool investment piece. This next month I'm thinking I'll buy 50 ounces.
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