Silica Gel Packs

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  1. Vertiviper

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    Do they sell large Silica Gel packs? I can't find them anywhere and the incompetant people I ask at the stores near me think i'm a looooony.
  2. Calvin534

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    I know that Bass pro has some in their stores

  3. Mark F

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    Bass Pro has several sizes. I use a large 5 pound one in my gun safe...
  4. Calvin534

    Calvin534 New Member

    found at BassPro
    Safe Dri 2 - Disposable

    An essential humidity control desiccant. Protects up to 13 cu. ft. Humidity test strip included.

    Order Qty Item Number Description Size Your Price
    38-898-045-48 SAFE DRI 2 DISPOSABLE 13 CU FT $7.99
  5. sgtdeath66

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    have you checked out the silica they use for humidors? if you check out thompson cigar company you might be able to find a deal
  6. mrm14

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    Silica Gel Packs. Also known a Desiccant. I use this stuff in Telco paper insulated wire splices. Can't think of the manufacture now as I am out at the present time but I order from a company called "Anixter" located in Sparks Nv. and also in Livermore Ca. Also try Graybar Electirc, (Telcom division), they may be able to get as well and Graybar suppliers are all over the nation. AT&T nomenclature is Desiccant "C" 1 gallon can with 10 - 4 oz. bags. That quanity and size of bags will dry out and keep dry quite a large volume. Anixter and Graybar (Telcom division) are Telcom contractor material suppliers. I believe you can buy from them with credit card up front without an account with them with freight fee's as the dollar amount will not meet their minimum for free shipping. If they'll do the transaction with you they can ship overnight air if you want.
  7. Troy Michalik

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    Another place to look is a hobby shop. My ex-wife used to get this stuff to dry flowers. It comes in a can, maybe a half gallon or so if I remember right. The neat thing about this stuff is that when it becomes moist or saturated, some of the grains will turn a different color. Then you just put it in the oven to dry it back out. Nifty stuff.
  8. indy_kid

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    Some ideas...

    You can also use the stuff sold on large mesh bags to "deodorize" rooms/houses with animals - a former GF had 2 cats, one who would spray EVERYTHING in sight. When we first met, she was living in one of those "Cardinal Communities". If you're not familiar, here in the East, they pour a big slab, then a truck brings in 8 apts. in 4 sections. Hoist them onto the slab, put down the roof, and that's it. Cheap construction.

    Anyway, one cat peed on one corner of her bedroom closet so often that the urine caused the fiberboard to disintegrate, creating a small hole between her bedroom and bathroom! A single sheet of fiberboard was the "wall" between the two. Like I said, cheap.

    This was about the time that "Dances With Wolves" came out, so we nicknamed the cat "Pees Through A Wall".

    Turned out he had some weird medical problem that produced tiny crystals in his urine. Very painful to pee, so sometimes animals will select a new spot thinking it won't hurt to go there. One time, he even jumped up on the edge of the toilet and peed right into the bowl! My GF and I are lying on her sofa watching TV, we hear this little tinkling sound, we turn to look into the bathroom, and there he is on the rim, looking at us like, "Can I have a little privacy, please?" We were hoping he'd repeat it, but just a one-time show.:(

    Back to the topic
    : Buy some cheap handkerchiefs, quarter them, sew into little bags, fill with the deodorizer and sew shut.

    To recharge, leave in the sun or nuke it in the microwave between 15-20s.

    Lots of materials will act as desiccants. Quicklime will do it, but it's rough on the skin. All you have to do to recharge that is put it in an over, 250F or so, for 15-20 min. Keep an eye on it while baking.

    Good luck on the search!
  9. spittinfire

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    Or you can just do what I do, my wife works in retail part time and I have her grab the little packs that come in their shipments. I throw 1 or 2 in the ammoe cans and keep some open the the cabnet where I store everything. The rest go in a zip lock bag. Find a retail shop and just ask them, all they do is throw them away.