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  1. string1946

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    Ok my NFA paperwork came back Monday and I picked up my Sparrow yesterday. I took it out behind the house and shot a couple of magazines with and without the suppressor It is a lot quieter with the can installed but its far from quiet. I would say that with the can installed my neighbor 1/4 mile away will still be able to hear it. I admit that I went through my 22LR stash and couldn't find any subsonic ammo, just high velocity stuff. I'm hoping that with the subsonic stuff it will get the the noise level down where I thought it would be or maybe I was expecting too much. I have watched some videos on Youtube and they seem quieter than mine. I even took it apart to make sure it was all there. :confused:

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  2. sdiver35

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    Hmm probably is the round velocity! Congrats though, how long did it take to get the form back?

  3. string1946

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    I figure thats what it is. Your supposed to be able to use the same can with 22 Mag and 17 HMR so it would help with those but you would still need hearing protection I expect. Now if I can just find some subsonic on a shelf some where. I mailed the paper work off on Aug. 17th and it came back Feb. 18th so it was 6 months. A little better than I expected.
  4. MisterMcCool

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    It is definitely the velocity. The baffles trap gas and allow it to expand and cool before exiting the muzzle. Supersonic ammunition, however, will create a sonic signature as it breaks the sound barrier.
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    CCI subsonic lr hp they are the hardest hitting subsonic I have found. Under $10 a box of 100. And grease it it will also help.
  6. JonM

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    on a 22 rifle it doesnt do much since most of the sound is from the supersonic crack and 95% of the powder is burned in the barrel.

    on a pistol with a barrel longer than 5" same thing under 5 inches and its too short for high velocity rounds to get going fast enough and they are subsonic and the suppressor contains the powder charge. most of the sound you get is the action.

    anyone more than a hundred yards away will have a hard time hearing it.

    22suppressors work best on shortbarrel auto pistols like the ruger mk3 threaded and sr22 threaded walther 22 etc.

    if you hold your hand against the bolt of your ruger pistol its a LOT quieter. same with the 10/22 hold the bolt shut while firing. it does make a big difference if you want ultimate quiet.

    its never going to be like the movies on tv.

    the reason youtube sounds arent right is because if it was you would need hearing protection to watch gun vids...
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    I just got my Sparrow a few weeks ago. There is a surprisingly loud first round pop on my pistol. CCI ammo was going supersonic in my rifle creating a loud crack.
    I just got some subsonic ammo, Federal Gold cup Match, and it is a huge difference. I staggered the sub with the super in the magazine for an obvious comparison.
    With the last shot, the sound is even less as the bolt locks open. That would indicate a bolt gun would be a lot quieter.
  8. KingTiger

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    Subsonic ammo will get you "Hollywood quiet" out of the rifle.

    As suggested, CCI makes the cleanest burning .22 LR subsonic ammo.
    Their Standard velocity will work also, it's only 25 fps. faster than the subsonic. The CCI segmented, subsonic HP's are deadly on critters, they're also copper washed.
  9. HotGuns

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    Suppressors really come into their own with subsonic ammo. Using supersonic ammo doesn't do them any justice at all, its just that most people dont fully understand that.

    A supressor will usually make a gun "hearing safe" meaning that you dont need ear protection but it will be far from quiet.

    Subsonics will allow you to shoot in the back yard and your neighbors wont know you are doing it. Thats really where a can shines.

    Dont be discouraged, just use the right ammo. CCI, Fiochi,and even Winchester subs are pretty good. Stay away from Remington subs, its the worst stuff out there, its very inconsistent.