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    I know, I know... why? I have always wanted one since I got my post-ban Sigma 9mm about 6 years ago. I have never fired the .380 model, but have done a lot of research on this one in particular. I like Sigmas because
    IMO, they are reliable as long as they are taken care of. I love the fact that the Sigmas have no frills. They are designed to get the job done and they do it well. There's something about a 4" x 1", 14oz pistol that can carry 7 rounds of .380 stopping power that still fits in a shirt pocket for less than $200. The heavy trigger pull is not a consideration as to why I want one. I can fix that the same way I did my 9mm. The only problem is that I cannot find a Sigma .380 anywhere.
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    IMHO there are a lot of good .380s on the market. While the later model Sigma's are solid reliable guns (with bad triggers) - the same can't be said for the earliest models - of which the .380 was one.

    If memory serves, I've only seen one listed for sale on a national gun forum a year or so ago...

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    I do not recall exact production numbers and dates, but they are no longer made. The slide was made of Zamak, a kind of pot metal not normally associated with the likes of S&W. They were intended to have a life expectancy of 5000 rounds. Not much in conventional pistols, but alot in pocket gun life expectancy.

    I had one, bought new for $185, back in 1998 or so. It shot fine, reliable and accurate to 15 yards or so. Once of my co-workers still carries one for a back up gun. He's happy with it.