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    My kid and I went to our favorite plinking spot today. There was another chap there with a SS Springfield Armory .45 the had the best sights I have ever seen. The sights appeared as two very bright green circles on the square rear sight and a matching green circle on the front sight blade.

    I think he called the sights Fiber Con or something like that. I'm pretty sure about the word fiber.

    I'm 73 and have trouble with sighting due to aging eyes. Not with these sights,:) he let me fire off a magazine and at 20 yards or so with a strange firearm I was able to shoot a group that looked like one I shot 25 years ago:D

    Does my description of these sights ring a bell with anyone? I definitely want some. I didn't have pen or paper to write down the name:(

    On the other side of the coin he was a Marine Corps Korean War vet. When I showed him my M-1 Garand his eyes got real big. Turn about being fair play he shot off a clip of 8 with the M-1. He really was a super shot. I bet he gave those Chinese Communists hell.

    I'd really appreciate finding more about these green dot sights.


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    They must have been fiber optic sights. I made my own and put them on a few of my guns.

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    If it was daylight I think hiwall is most likely correct :cool:'
    "Night Sights" look pretty much like "normal" sights in the daylight-

    I had a fiber optic front sight on a 1911 once & it was BRIGHT RED in the sunlight :cool: