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    okay so heres where im at. i just bought a DEL-TON stripped lower and a DEL-TON complete upper kit. its a flat top upper and a front A2 sight post. this is my first AR so im not sure what i really need? do i need to get a pair of sights? or do i just need a rear sight? also id like to be able to sometimes put a scope on it for some longer range... someone please send me in the right direction and possibly some suggestions for sights and scopes:confused:.
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    I'd get a flip up rear sight like the Magpul MBUS Gen 2 so you can use iron sights and/or an optic.

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    Depending on what scope you choose, sometimes a Burris P.E.P.R mount will move the scope far enough forward that you can have the rear sight also. Look for a scope with a lot of eye relief.

    My opinion, if you are going to use the rifle for home defense and range shooting out to 100-150 yds (with good eyesight), a red dot or multi reticle red dot sight can be utilized. Anything further, or poor eyesight, I'd go with a scope or use a magnifier with the red dots.
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    This is what I did. The beauty of the flat top is that you have a wide variety of different sighting options. I used the MBUS with a 2-7 power scope that can easily be dismounted (without losing zero), so the MBUS can be deployed for use.

    The MBUS sights are "same plane", so they work well with the standard "F" marked A2 front sights.

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