Sights for reaction shooting

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by NGIB, Oct 2, 2009.

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    Most of us have strong preferences regarding the sights we choose for our handguns. As far as "general purpose" sights I don't really have a preference but for competition shooting that requires speed and fast target acquisition - I've learned what works best for me.

    My preferred setup is a plain black wide notch rear with a bright white dot on the front sight. I have a few guns with plain black adjustable target sights and on these I've had good success with the "nitesiters" stick on dots. They cost about a buck each and I like them better than using sight paint.

    When installed correctly (really clean the metal and "seat" with a hairdryer) these things perform well. They will glow for quite some time when exposed to a bright light so I generally "charge" them prior to a pin shoot to give me the best visibility...
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    Just plain ol' three dots for me.

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    Thanks, my front dot on my XD is no longer a full circle and needs repair. I'll try those.