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    I posted this in the optics section and they recommend asking in this forum.

    I have an Yugo under folder M70ab2 and the front and rear sights have little flip-up tabs. From what I've learned so far is that these are the night sights. I just don't understand how they help or change the ability to aim accurately. It actually feels like the from sight hinders the view when flipped up.

    Can someone explain how night sights work?


    These are not of the actual rifle but exactly the same setup.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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    They don't help you aim more accurately. All they do is glow in the dark so that you can actually see the sights in the dark as opposed to trying to line upo something you can't see. So, I guess in that regard they help. They are generally pretty crude, but again in the pitch black they are better than nothing. Most require a hit with a flash light to get them to glow, since they are not tritium filled.

    I have some East German ones that just clip on the existing sights.

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    And most have had the part that glows removed so all you're left with is a steel flip up that has no purpose anymore.
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    If I look really close at the front sight, that looks like a tiny human silhouette when flipped up, it has been drilled with an itty bitty rod inserted through the top as a "face". I suppose you would fill the voids around the rod with a glow material?
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    [wonders how hard it would be to round that silhouette out to look like a standing bear...]

    I have used some glow goop called GlowOn and have been satisfied with application and glowiness. I just used it on my pistols. They also have some strips of adhesive-backed glow tape, should you eschew goop.