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sighting weapons

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What is the best thing to use when sighting weapons to fire at that will not bounce the bullet back at me? Thanks
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Plane paper targets with a good backdrop (Hill Side, Dirt Berm ECT...)
That is what this guy said untill this video.


I am not one for shooting something that the bullet can not penatrate. Shooting steel there is always a chance that a bullet or fragment can ricoche.
Matt I agree with you that 99.999999999% of the time that yes soft lead vs steel = steel wins. But there is that odd chance that something odd would happen.

I make my target stands out of 3/4" PVC pipe.
20" 3/4" PVC (White)
6 90 deg elbows
4 T couplers
4 end caps
4 bolts with nuts and washers 2 to 2.5" bolts work good.
Backing weather it is Foam board you buy at Wal-mart or a chunck of political or realestate sign.

Cut 6 2 foot section of PVC pipe
cut 4 3" sections of PVC pipe
4 12" sections of PVC pipe
PVC purple primer and clear glue (Come in combo pack at Home Depot).

Below are pictures of my target stand.

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1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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