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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Flat4sti, Feb 21, 2012.

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    I think that i have my new ar sighted in ok 25yrd. what i have a question is that if i am dead on at 25yrd (which I am ),i will be good again at 300...Correct?
    Now my local range only goes to 100yrds. How high should I be at 100. I am very novice and these are the things I have questions about. I think that my poi is 5 inches high give or take from my I gotta factor that it was my first time out. So i guess i am asking what should I expect the difference should be?
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    I have my AR sighted in at 200 yards and at 100 it's about 1.5 inches high. I sighted my 308 in at about 35 yards since that's what my indoor range went to before I found the outdoor one I now attend and it was able to kill a deer at around 325 yards this year while aiming dead on. Then again, that's a different bullet with different coefficients

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    Maybe 6" high at 100yd depending on barrel and ammo.
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    Don't know all the variables of your barrel, sight height, etc., but here are the ballistics from RSI Shooting Lab for a Federal XM-193 55 grain, .250 BC, shot w/ a 3065 MV (adjusted down from published MV for 16" bbl) sight height of 2.6". I had to play with the numbers to get the near zero of 25 yards, and here's what the program came up with:

    Range Path

    0 -2.6

    25 0

    100 6.2

    150 8.8

    200 10.1

    250 9.7

    300 7.5

    350 3.1

    375 0

    400 -3.8

    Sorry for the poor format - don't know how to import the results, and can't seem to get the proper spacing, but you get the idea.....
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    Look up "enhanced battle zero". Then all you'll need is a 1/16" allen wrench and a target 50 yards away. Basically you'll be changing the lowest setting for your sights from 300 to 200 yards. After you modify your sights just zero it at 50 yards and it'll be dead on at 200 also. Then you wont have to hold so low at 100. That drove me nuts at first too.
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    Thanks i wasn't way off.