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    this question may be annoyingly simple for some but i really need some help wrapping my brain around something,and i know there is alot of experience floating around on this site so.... last night as i arrived home from work that rotten woodchuck thats been tearing up the garden caught the corner of my eye out in the field near the garden about 110yds i ran in the house got my brush gun(a1a-m10a2) walked back outside got about 85yds away and of course he spotted me and he started waddeling slowly to the monsterous brush pile at the edge of the field so i dropped to my belly put the cross hairs 1inch ahead of his travel direction center mass and boom dead woodchuck.not bad it hit right at his shoulder but alittle low i figure because i sighted in at a hundred and the bullets tragectory was still climbing and i was short of my 100yard zero.but this got me to thinking what yardage should i really be making my zero for a rifle being from lower michigan we are allowed to hunt deer with shotgun only so all my shotguns are 100yrd zero we have heavy brush which limits your shot to about 100yrds and knockdown power after 100 to 150 isnt so good anyways but rifles are different.should i use peak height in the bullets tragectory path or max effective knockdown power or what.the 7.62 loads i use have max effective range of about 300yards energywise with the rifle i use and i know what the tragectory looks like on a graph as far as bullet drop per 50yards any help would be highly appreciated:D
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    External Ballistics Calculator

    That link will take you to a External Ballistice calculator to give you the trajectory of your load granted you need to know the information.

    As far as sight in sight in for what ever range you want.

    My varmint rifle it sighted in 2" high at 100 yards. With that I can hold dead on out two 250 yards and get a hit. It is all just knowing how you want to shoot.