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    I recently picked up a NcStar D4B Red Dot Sight to switch from rifle to rifle. I've always used scopes and never used a red dot. I was using it for the first time yesterday and sighting it in. I sighted it perfectly and moved my target back about another 25 yards. It was completely ineffective. It was really low... Is this supposed to happen or is there something I should be doing differently or what?
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    how high off the barrel is your scope and what range are you sighting in?? pics of the gun and scope would help.

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    Red/Green Dot scope

    I have a fairly cheap R/G dot scope mounted on my GSG AK 47 22 cal.....It is mounted about 3 1/2 in above the bore........Groups reasonably well at 25 yards.......Can any one suggest a zeroing range that will allow shooting reasonably accurate at various ranges without having to re zero the scope each time?......I have discovered that I don't really like the Dot type scopes and will probably get a reticle type scope if the Dot won't work well at mixed ranges.

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