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    Hello, all. i recently bought my first rifle. i am right handed but left eye dominant. i bought a .270 rifle with a 3-7x scope. my question is how should i be looking through the scope. should i try and cross, shooting with my right hand and sighting with left eye or keep both eyes open. i shot a few groups at 100 yds with both eyes open and they were all in the 8 circle but i think i was looking through the scope with my right eye because i kept on seeing the barrel try and creep into my vision. i can make it go away by coming off the scope for a second and refocusing but it keeps on happening. so are there any drills to overcome this or just keep shooting or should i try looking through the scope differently? i also have a glock 22 that ive only shot a couple times. when i shot it i ended up destroying my target stand at 25 yds. any thoughts on how to shoot a handgun being right handed and left eye dominant?
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    Use your non-dominant eye or preferably, swap hands.

    At least with the rifle, this is the only way to achieve the most accurate results. A rifleman who is practiced at using his dominant eye but off-side hand is much more proficient than one who uses his non-dominant eye even with the help of his preferred hand.

    I don't know if this is true for handguns or not 'coz unfortunately the Aust govt. has not yet deemed me fit to own one :(
    Someone will be along shortly who'll be able to let ya know about them though, I'm sure :)

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    I have the same problem. I learned to shoot left handed. I started doing it when I was 11 years old. It is not that hard to learn to shoot that way. The only problem is working the bolt. You got cross over the scope to work the action. Shooting the rifle left hand with your dominate eye you will find you're more accurate. The bad news is you will be looking for left hand friendly guns. I shoot left handed, my wife right handed I have a Remington 700 LH with scope the she now has the try reach over the scope to reach the bolt. One more thing I got a Benelli M2 left hand model cost $1.200. The right hand model cost about $850. Also finding LH holsters is a pain. I always have to order it online.
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    Simple fix CLOSE YOUR LEFT EYE.

    Your not used to doing things with one eye closed try sighting with your right eye with the left eye closed and train your self that way for a while.
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    Right handed left eye dominant also, I started shooting a rifle left handed at about age 10...... Semi autos and lever actions are more friendly! ;)

    Hand gun, right hand using left eye, no problems.

    Sighting handgun with both eyes open, your dominant eye will take over. Try it, close each eye and see if you're not on target with your dominant eye. ;)
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    It is not wise to shoot a rifle right handed and use your left eye. My lovely wife shot like this for years with excellent hunting results, the problem comes when you are slightly out of position.( hunting situation)the stock can not be planted properly on your shoulder.
    In her case the rifle ( my .300 WM carbine) slipped off her shoulder and broke her nose.
    Being right handed and left eye dominant is a good reason to learn to shoot from both sides with both a rifle and a pistol. This is what I do and it is very handy at times. I find that there is no much difference in accuracy but I am noticeably faster shooting right handed.
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    I'm also right handed and left eye dominate. Closing my left eye when bench rest shooting does not pose much of a problem for me, although, in a hunting situation closing my left eye also shuts down my peripheral vision on my left side.

    I never ever take shots at moving targets because of the obvious safety consequences involved with one eye closed. When I take a shot at a stationary target I do not close my left eye until I make the commitment of the trigger.

    I often practice shooting off hand, left handed with my Encore but never really feel comfortable. I suppose it would of been much easier to change if I would of realized the difficulties that would have arise later in life, when I starting shooting when at the age of ten. Now I'm too old and stubborn to change.

    If you can switch hands, good for you, if you can't, be wary, wary careful. Good luck, Joe