? Sight disassembly of adjustable colt rear sight?

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    Hello everyone I have a question concerning a white outline Colts rear adjustable sight. I have a Accro Ellison rear adjustable sight that has just the blacken rear blade. I have been looking for a white outline blade to replace it with. These are almost impossible to find. So I had to buy a complete site with the white outline blade. I've been told by multiple sources that Ruger's white outline adjustable rear sight blade is compatible. I won one on eBay and now have it in my possession and it looks like it will work.
    What I mean is I think the blade will work. Both Colts and Ruger's sites seem to be designed very similarly. I don't want to damage my new white outline site nor do I want to damage the site that is on my firearms. I'm having trouble trying to figure out once the adjusting screws removed how to actually get the site blade out?
    It moves from side to side and is obviously still underload from the spring on the far end. it appears it has to be lifted out the top somehow can anyone explain this procedure to me. Thank you for your help
    Don E
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    I've done this on my Colt Python. Just unscrew and lift the blade, but beware of the spring, don't let it fly. I shelled out $90 for a white outline Colt sight, so can't vouch for the Riger sight. I know that sight too, had it replaced on a GP100. I am too afraid of Mr Python to muck with it, and the OEM Colt sight is an easy resell like any Python part. Be careful so you can resell the Ruger sight if it does not work out. Good luck on your project.

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    Disassemble in a large plastic bag (like a trash bag).

    Should the spring fly out, a large plastic bag is easier to search than a small room.