SigArms-SigTac Reflex Sight Review

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    Well last week I bought a SigTac reflex sight for my Browning Buckmark rifle. It looked like it was a well made unit,4 different reticles,auto bright/dim mode,etc.

    I mounted it on the rifle and really liked the way it functioned. I got out my bore sighter and mounted it on the rifle and started to adjust the sight,thats where the problems began.
    You have to loosen a lock screw in order to adjust windage/elevation,I loosed the screw and then adjusted the windage. I had to turn it several times before the sight actually moved. Once I got the windage adjusted,I then started adjusting the elevation,and same thing,turned the screw several times before it started moving the sight.
    I got everything adjusted and then tighten the locking screw,look through the sight and notice the sight is way off. I loosened the lock screw and it was dead on with the bore sight again. So I go ahead and adjust it so that it is off center before I tighten the lock screw,thinking that I could get it to line up after I tighten it,NO LUCK!

    Dang it,I really liked this sight,but it is nothing more than an over priced cheap sight with SigArms name on it.

    I got on the net and saw there are a lot of post about this sight complaining about the same thing. Why do good companies sell products that are sub-par with their name on them? Do they think people won't find out they have flaws,or are just a piece of junk! I could've bought a NcStar,Sightmark,BSA reflex sight for $29-50,and would've known it was just that,a $29-50 sight. But when you spend $$$ on something you expect it to work,and perform without flaws.

    I took the sight back to the shop I bought it from,and traded it for a Leupold Rifleman 3x9x40 scope. I didn't want to put a scope on this little gun,but my eye's aren't what they used to be,and I know I have a decent one now!

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    Sorry to hear that TX. Seems those plastic, heads up sights are becoming more a wave of menace than anything else. This is not the first sight of the same type of construction that I have seen this problem associated with.

    At the Leupold 3x9 will treat you right. :)

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    I tried the bsa and the barska, both were the same piece of junk
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    you know this thread is like 3 years old??
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