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    I have a Sig P220. I can't hit anything with it. It's been this way since I bought it. It shoots low . . . very low. In order to hit a bull on a typical target at say 50 feet, I have to cover the target. It's as though I'm aiming at the top of the paper.

    I'm no expert, but I do have a couple other hand guns that I can hit the same targets with without any trouble. I've shot it off hand and off different rests. Ditto. I've had two experienced shooters(one, an instructor) shoot it and they both scratched their heads.

    I called Sig and they said it's normal. The gun is set up for combat use.

    Should I have the gun set up to shoot like my other guns or should I "get used to it"?
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    That certainly depends upon YOUR anticipated use. I'm setup just for 10 yard and closer shooting on all my handguns now ( except .22 target pistol). Your sights SOUND atrocious, though, so I'd consider having a sight job done to bring the point of aim down . :)

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    Has anyone else tried to shoot it?
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    How's it shoot at tactical range?
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    First I would do as bertram advised and move the target closer to around 10 yards. Then I would Bench the weapon for good support (obviously assuming you do not have adjustable sights) And since you stated you do not have any difficulty hitting a target with your other pistols and calibers we are ruling out pre-anticipation or flinching. Use a small target to aim at 3" circle or bullseye on the target backer. Do your test shots. 4 or 5 slow controlled shots one at a time. I would also check the riflings at the muzzle with a bright light to see if there are any damaged. They all should look uniform! Has the pistol ever been dropped? Did you buy it new? After checking, if nothing is noticeable and you are still hitting ridiculously low. *I would contact Sig Technical Support direct. Who knows? the pistol might have the wrong sights on it? That certainly would explain the problem due to the wrong height of the sight or sights. Sig could no doubt fix anything that is wrong with it. And I am sure it would not be the first time they have ran into that situation. Obviously not worth much now as it is.

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    How does it shoot in other shooter's hands? I though I had an issue with my SIG P229's sights until my friend took it and shot spot on with it. It took that for me to realize that part of it is me. There are relative holds that you have to use when shooting at certain distances so I would do as suggested above and bring the targets in to say 10 yards and see what the poi is relative to your poa. Please post results.
    The chart below helped me figure out what I was doing wrong it might help you as well.

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    So you're saying both of the other experienced shooters had the same problem? I would call Sig back, explain that to them again and ask them to take a look at it. If they find it's a problem, I would think they would do it for free. If not, you gotta get it fixed regardless.