SIG SG 522 Revelations

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    After a thorough examination of the gun here are my findings. The gun is very well built and although the first advertisements for this gun claimed it was a gas piston, rotary bolt gun, it is in fact straight blowback. The gas tube is in actuallity a plastic "storage" tube found underneath the top handguard. The rifle feels lighter than either my GSG-5 or Colt M4 .22. The forend handgrip is superior feeling to me than either of my other two "tactical" .22s. The gun feels a little more solid than the other two also. I found the included carrying case to be a great add-on. The other two just came in a cardboard box. I have not shot this gun yet, but have installed a BSA RGB dot sight on the rail since it doesn't come with any sights at all. The action feels smoother than either of the other two guns. The stock is pretty solid, although I can't get it to lock onto the frame when folded. The locking receptacle on the buttstock just won't click onto the small molded in flange on the bottom handguard. I really like the storage compartment in the handgrip. The safety feels really firm and positive. Magazines are pretty tightly held in and do not wiggle, a problem with the GSG-5. I'm sure they will loosen up with time. Although I am disappointed that the gun contains a regular blowback action and not the piston, rotary bolt action that I first saw advertised, it appears that this gun is very well made and definately a keeper. BTW - SIG has removed the gas piston, rotary bolt language from their advertisements now. I have at least 4 magazines, including the "American Rifleman" that have ads in the clearly stating that the gun has is a "gas piston, rotary bolt" action rifle. Oh well.:confused: