Sig Sauer SP2022 or FNP-9?

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  1. bygk012

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    Hi guys! I wouldn't say that I'm new here I've always just floated around like a ghost in this forum just reading up on things here and there. But come next weekend I will be leaving my local gun shop with my first gun purchase. So here is the deal. I'm stuck between the SP2022 and the FNP-9 I was hoping to get some input from users who own one or both and was hoping to get a clearer answer as to which one to purchase. A friend of mine told me not to get the Sig saying that there is a problem with the finish. I've never really heard of the finish being a "huge" problem that my friend made it out to be. That being said finishes wear off from use eventually anyways correct? Now I don't really need the basic stuff like specifications and what have you it's more of a which would you recommend type of thing so I'll finish up this short story so you guys can hopefully enlighten me. Thanks in advance everyone! :)
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    I own a SP2022 and it is an awesome pistol for the price. Mine is a .40 cal and due to it being super light, the felt recoil is a bit more than my .40 cal XDm. That said, I believe it offers great value and probably one of the most under rated (sub-$400) pistol around right now. I would buy it again...especially if I am in the market for a 9mm (and in a budget).

    Cannot comment about FNP-9 but read a lot of rave reviews on it as well.

    Good luck with your choice!

  3. WDB

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    Swing by the intro page and tell us a bit about yourself, you will more responses that way.:)

    I've never shot SP2022 but if they are like other Sigs it is a quality pistol. I know they discontinued the model then read somewhere they are bringing it back. As for the FNP-9, I have shot it and preforms well, I have an FNP-40, CC it for over a year before going a different direction. FNH make a fine firearm as does Sig. Best to get your hands on both and put some ammo down range, that will tell you what one is best for you. They are truly close in price & quality, the only thing left is fit and that is somthing only you can decide.

    Good luck...let us know what you decide...and don't forget to go introduce yourself to the rest of the community.
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    Hopefully you'll be able to figure out what you wanted. Feel free to let us know which one you choose!
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    Can't comment on the Sig, but my dad's got an FNX (FNP with a few little updates) in .40 and it's a great gun. I'd say you can't go wrong with an FN
  6. bygk012

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    There doesn't seem to a large amour of owners of either gun. I hope some more owners out there will be able to give me a heads up before this weekend arrives.
  7. IXLR8

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    I have an FNX-9 and it is a sweet shooting gun. Ergonomically I like it a lot. Personally I would pick it over a Sig 2022, but not over a P226.
    The FN is very accurate.
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    Welcome to the forum, fellow Georgian!

    My experience with these pistols is limited to holding them at the gun store where I used to work, and hearing other peoples testimony.

    Personally, I like the grip of the FN much better than the Sig. The Sig grip just doesn't feel right to me, but that's just me.. it may feel fine to you.

    As far as quality and reliability are concerned, I think either gun would be a good choice. I've never heard a complaint about either of them.

    Hold them both and see which one feels best in your hand.
  9. jeffxc

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    sig sp2022

    I bought one about 2-3 months ago. LOVE it. It shoots where you point it; trigger pull is easy; 9mm cheap. i also have a beretta fs92 (made in italy) and the sig is more accurate, has less recoil, and feels better over all.

    my 2 cents worth.

  10. Hollander

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    I have the Sig in 9mm. Great gun, good trigger, and makes you look like a very good shooter. Great range gun. If you have small hands you may want to try one first. I am glad I bought one a few years ago. If you lived closer to Peachtree city you could try mine out.:mad:
  11. M14sRock

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    Finishes wear, so not a big deal. That is what GunKote, Duracoat and Aluma Hyde 2 are for.

    But if each pistol fits your hand well my personal choice would be the FNP.

    However, I freely admit to having a bias against Sig P series pistols, based on several P226s that I saw self destruct in the late 80s.
  12. bygk012

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    Hey guys I just wanted to update you guys on the whole gun situation. I went back to the gun shop and handled both the FNP-9 and the 2022 and the 2022 felt better in the hand than the FNP-9 so I'm sure you guys are able figure what came next :) I am now a proud owner of a Sig Sauer SP2022. I'll post pics up later cause I'm posting from my phone currently :) I appreciate everyone's input on the matter!

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