Sig Sauer P229 DAK

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    as some of you know the dept. of homland security and the U.S. coast Guard made the change from the POS M9 to the Sig P229 DAK.
    in case anyone was interested in buying this pistol I figured id let you know what I thought.

    from the P229 platform you may shoot 3 calibers. 9mm .357 sig or .40 cal
    the USCG uses .40 cal
    overall length is 7.1 in
    overall heigth is 5.4 in
    barrel length is 3.9 in
    shooting .40 cal mag capacity is 12+1, same for .357 sig
    and i think 9mm is 13 or 14.
    it the p229 DAK comes with a picatini rail built into the frame, and you have the option of tritum night sights for an xtra 70 bucks on the MSRP.
    the slide is all factory molded steel
    and the frame is hardend aluminum.
    no external saftey, it has a "hammer" of sorts, but it is double action only.

    with the Double Action Kellerman (DAK) design you have 2 trigger pulls,
    the primary trigger pull is 6.5 lbs the "intermediate" trigger pull is 8.3 lbs but is a much shorter trigger pull.

    this is a very tough gun with a lot going for it, ive put many rounds through these guns, clean and dirty and they go bang every time.

    because of the short barrel this gun does have a heavy recoil leading to slower target aquasition, but nothing practice wont fix. it si very possible put 30 rnds in a 6 in group out at 20 yards.

    overall this gun has a lot going for it and i would recomend it to any shooter.