Sig Sauer Mosquito......Pink

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by fupuk, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. fupuk

    fupuk New Member

    I just bought my oldlady a pink sig sauer mosquito today for christmas. Everytime we go to the range she just stares at it and always talks about having a .22 handgun so i thought it just made sence to me. Any body have experience with this handgun?
  2. bostonscottkelly

    bostonscottkelly New Member

    You can find a few threads regarding this weapon. I ignored the negative feedback I read online & purchased a mosquito ( not pink) a few weeks back. I have taken it to the range twice & put 300 rds through each time (cci mini mags) & I while I like the look and feel of this weapon there are some definite fte & ftf issues with this weapon.....I have been told this is common with semi auto .22 pistols?

  3. winds-of-change

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    I have a Ruger Mark II and I have had no FTF or FTE issues. But....that doesn't mean there aren't other good .22 pistols out there. I know people who love their Mosquitos and I know others who didn't like their mosquitos..........just like any other gun. I'm betting you are going to like it. I would like to have a pink gun, myself. ;) If you have any FTF or FTE problems, just try a different brand of ammo.

    Let us know how your lady likes it and I'd like to see a range report and a picture of the gun itself. :D
  4. AZL

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    I bought one for my daughter's upcoming 8th birthday. We haven't taken it out yet...her birthday isn't until April.

    Having said that...I wouldn't be too worried about FTF and FTE issues, I know that sounds like blasphemy BUT .22 pistols can be VERY ammo finicky and it will take a minute or two to find out which yours likes the best.

    I had this problem with a BuckMark. I really like CCI Stingers...the BuckMark doesn't. SOOOOO....I had to compromise, and feed it Remington "Thunderbolt" and it likes those just fine.

    Whenever I take a new .22 out, I take a pretty good assortment of ammo. If it's a choke-a-matic with one brand, chances are it will LOVE another and gobble it up like a fat guy at a buffet.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    Well, I bought 2 some time back for the wife & me - (NOT PINK THO)

    Traded them off pretty quick :(