sig sauer legion, worth it?

Discussion in 'SIG Sauer Forum' started by jeffm, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. jeffm

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    So I was looking at a sig sauer p226mk for $1,049.99 and a local store can get me the P229 Legion for $1.099.99. Is the Legion worth the extra money? (I have a hard time spending over $1k on a handgun but am drawn to a nice sig for some reason). I have also looked online and seen some legion p229s on sale for $989.00 brand new which at the price I would probably get it.

    Anyways is the legion series worth the extra money? (if it was around 1400-1500 I wouldn't get it, since it is close enough to the MK that is why I am asking).

    thank you in advance,
  2. JonM

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    If your going to upgrade the standard w26 to the legion trigger its worth it just for that. If you dont and the regular production trigger is fine then dont.

    You get a few more extras but its the trigger already gtg out of the box thats the functional difference

  3. Draggun

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    Yes it's definitely worth it. Trigger is fantastic. X-ray sights are very nice, solid steel guide rod, slight undercut on the trigger, smaller controls, g10 hogue grips. All these little upgrades on there own might not be much, but as a package it's a great deal.
  4. SSGN_Doc

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    As Jon M said, if you were going to go ahead and add any of the upgrades available on the Legion to another Sig, you can look at the cost of those upgrades and see what it would cost you. X-ray/Hi-Viz tritium sights are a $100+ upgrade in the aftermarket. SRT trigger kit and Grey Guns intermediate reach trigger with adjustable overtravel is over $100. The G10 grips are in the $90s. The reduced size controls would cost someone about $60-70 to swap, but it's a Wash for Sig to use them, since they are the same as what are used on the p224.

    The things you really can't change on your own is the frame with the abbreviated beavertail and trigger undercut. It also comes checkered instead of with grooves.

    If none of those things interest you, then save the $50
  5. jeffm

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    Thanks guys, the other version of the p229 I was looking at was the nitron for $999.99 so I figured $100.00 more for the legion is a good deal.
  6. sigman84

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    I would go with the legion!