Sig sauer 229 vs sp2022...

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by dtvonly, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. dtvonly

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    The two .40 caliber pistols are quite similar except for the difference in the materials. Is the the main reason for the nearly $300 price difference?
  2. NGIB

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    The Sig P229 is one of the classics in the handgun world (along with the 220, 226, 228, etc.) where the SP2022 is just another plastic gun. Nothing wrong with them but when I think Sig - I think of the alloy framed P series. Their plastic guns, while decent, do not hold their value very well. My old beater P229 in .40 (have .357 Sig barrel as well)...


  3. jeffxc

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    sig sp 2022

    I didn't buy my 2022 to "hold it's value." I bought it for an office gun, (works fine for that...) and to shoot at the range.

  4. sweeper22

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    That's fine and all, but I can't imagine any reason why "holding its value" wouldn't be a huge selling point in any significant purchase.

    The 2022 and P229 are weapons of an entirely different class in my opinion, and the difference in cost is warranted...although I'd probably only buy a P229 used or "on sale". MSRPs on the nicer Sigs are pretty steep.
  5. Thebiker

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    Well, in the world of quality pistols you do tend to get what you pay for:cool:.

    Not that Sig builds a low quality pistol, just that not all Sigs are created equal. Good example is the car world - costs more to buy a Mercedes than to buy that KIA. They both do the same basic job. In 15 years the Mercedes will still do the job comfortably and competently. As to the KIA, not so much.

    I will always go with higher quality alloy frame rather than the polymer. The couple of ounces saved on weight isn't that big a deal and I know it is the best that Sig can build. I see the additional cost as peace of mind. JMHO and I know many would disagree, certainly their right and I won't argue the point.
  6. OfcFriendly

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    The material is the reason there is such a difference in price. Plastic is cheaper than steel. I personally would choose paying the extra money for the 229. I haven't shot the Pro 2022, however, I have fired it's predecessor, the Pro 2340. The deputies working for the Sheriff's Office in the county I work in were issued them. They hated them due to it being top heavy. This caused a sharper recoil, and snapping back of the wrist. Hands down, I would trust my life (and accuracy) on my Sig P229 over the Pro series.